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Amira Abdi is guest at
Leyla and Roland Jouvana's 25th Oriental
Festival of Europe
November 28th - December 3rd 2017
in Duisburg

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Photos ©: Published with kindly permission from Amira Abdi
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Workshops with Amira

Fri., 1.12., 17:15 – 19:15 h
Amira Abdi –Gypsy Power
Russian Roma oriental fusion, technique and choreography. Want to surprise your audience with creative performance, learn how to mix oriental hip technique and flexibility with Russian gypsy steps, skirt work and expressive hand gestures. Feel wild and burn the audience with a passionate Gypsy dance. A powerful, fiery and lively dance! Please bring a wide skirt. For women with good basic Dance knowledge. Level middle and better up to masterclass.

Sun., 3.12., 09:15 - 11:15 h
Amira Abdi- Stage Persian Dance
Royal court style. Technique and choreography.
Discover one of the most beautiful and graceful dances of the Middle East - Persian royal court dance. Enrich your belly dance vocabulary with Persian style hands and arms, rotations, refined posing, gestures and elegant floorwork. Beautiful dance combos insert later to breathtaking choreography.

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Amira Abdi is one of these very special dancers, which you only have to see once to never forget her. The Ukrainian Artist was a performer at the great festival of Leyla and Roland Jouvana in 2012 and when we learned that she will be back to the 25th anniversary this year we felt very happy. And we immediately remembered, what a thrill she was (and will be) on stage and in her workshops.
Interview with Amira Abdi
by Marcel Bieger
How has life been to you in the last couple of years?

Many things have happened since my last visit to Germany. The most important is the birth of my lovely daughter. But I never stopped dancing on stage, my last dance before it happened was on 7th month of pregnancy when I performed with my dance ensemble Persian dance, (body fully covered of course). And 20 days after childbirth I was back on a TV show, where I was invited as a Middle East expert. So during these years I was working more on national level, taking part in TV programs, performing, teaching, and making charity concerts in my dance school. I made some projects with Ukrainian singers dancing oriental to Ukrainian music. As I am working for the department of culture of Ukrainian Armed Forces I also perform a lot for Ukrainian Army events. 

You have been a performer and teacher already at the Oriental Festival Europe, organized by Lelya and Roland Jouvana, what is special with this event that you are coming back to its anniversary this year?

For me every Leyla festival is very special because it is one of the biggest dance events in the world and also very well organized. This means a unique chance to see performances of dancers from all over the world, to exchange experiences, to share my art, and to learn something new and I am very thankful to Leyla for the invitation.

Please tell us a little bit more about your workshops

For this festival I chose two dance styles to teach, which in my opinion will look spectacular as a  solo stage performance and in the same time will enrich a dancer’s vocabulary with some creative and new movements. During both workshops we will learn technique and choreographies for professional stage performance or competition of about 3-3:30 minutes . These dances will present zthe quintessence of the most beautiful and technically complicated dance moments together with the spirit and character of each style. 


First Ws is Gypsy Power: Why Gypsy? Because Gypsy dance you can dance almost anywhere, in places, where you cannot perform oriental due to its seductive idea and costume,  for your colleagues, or on your grandfathers birthday - and you can be sure it will really impress the guests. When we take a look at history we can see that most of oriental cultures do not accept women dancing in front of an audience, but in the Gypsy community a real woman must dance to show how good she is as a woman. From childhood till she becomes a grand mother, she is dancing at every occasion. When a young girl dances with lots of fire, Gypsy people, javale admire how passionate she is, means all her energy will go to the family. And she puts all her female magic, all her sensual energy, all her life into this dance. And this dance has a huge power on people. This power is created not only by a very specific body motion, dance steps, skirt work and mesmerizing hands but of course by the Gypsy character and stage presence, which we are going to learn. Also because Gypsies travelled all over the Middle East this dance (especially it’s Balkan and Turkish versions)  has a lot of hip movements similar to oriental, so we can easily combine it with bellydance to impress the audience with a really powerful fusion.

My second WS is Persian royal court dance, its stage version. This dance is extremely refined and graceful. A big attention is made on beautiful stage poses and snake like hands, different types of rotations and face expressions. Dancing with the face is very important. A dancer is compared to a bird from paradise, to a Pari from heaven (female angel in Persian tradition) and she must give this feeling to the audience. Persian dance  an extreme value for those dancers who are interested in Middle Eastern culture and want to expand their repertoire with a new style and for those, who want to use its advantages in oriental belly dance. Sometimes I see bellydancers using hands from ballroom dance, or doing good but same movements copying each other, so here is the chance to learn something different.

My best wishes and a big kiss,