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Interview with Lejla Mehmedovic

by Marcel Bieger

Workshops with Lejla Mehmedovic:

Fri., 01.12., 19:30 – 21:30 h
Lejla Mehmedovic – Drum Solo
This drum solo will explore various types of shimmies and focus on isolation technique. This fun, dynamic and challenging choreography brings some interesting combos that will help you to improve your drum solo technique.

Sun., 11:30 – 13:30 h
Lejla Mehmedovic – Balkan Fusion
Emotional, dynamic and unpredictable choreography just like Balkan people! Class focuses on body strength and how to create quick, rapid but precise movements. Explore beauty of Balkan music and express your emotions thru this challenging choreography.

Lejla Mehmedovic is guest at

Leyla and Roland Jouvana's
25. Oriental Festival of Europe

28. November - 3. December 2017
, Duisburg

Infos and registration:

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Lejla Mehmedovic is from Bosnia and Herzegovina and there she is the motor of the bellydance community, about which she will tell us below. Lejla also likes to travel to Leyla (Jouvana), about which she will us below, also, because she always receives good results at her contest „Bellydancer Of the World“. This is why she will appear with many of her dance sisters this year …
Please introduce yourself to us.

I'm Lejla Mehmedovic, born and raised in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Since my very young age I was determined that I wanted a career as a dancer.  I choreographed my first piece at the age of 9, and started to work as a dance teacher when I was 16 years old. I have studied various styles of dance such as Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Modern and Show Dance.

I have had great experiences working as both a dancer and choreographer in theatre and television and worked on a few plays as an associate for stage movement. I also worked as a stage movement expert with singers, models and actors. 

I started with Belly Dance in 2006. After a year I held my first Belly dance class and later opened my dance studio in 2010. Since then, I'm fully committed to promoting this style of dance and want to focus on educating women about positive effects of Belly Dance.
Because of my background,  I prefer  Bellydance  Fusion where  I  combine  various  dance  styles and theatrical  approaches.

In 2013, I won the first place at the "Bellydancer of the World“ competition in the Belly Fusion category. I also win 1st place two times in a row (also „Bellydancer Of the World“) as choreographer, trainer, and dancer in Classical Group category and 3rd and 2nd place in Fusion Group category in 2015 and 2015 at this prestigious competition. One of my greatest bellydance achievement is dancing with the Bellydance Evolution company on its European tour 2015.

How is the bellydance situation in Bosnia?

We have a bellydance scene in Bosnia, which is constantly growing and developing.

We have many belly dance schools, which have great results at international competitions. Also, we have the International Bellydance Festival Awalim in Banja Luka and the Bellydance Boot Camp Bosnia that Amra Smajic, Aleksandra Tesanovic, and myself started together with our bellydance schools. The Idea was to promote and unite dancers from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region.

This year in May I hosted Jillina's Bellydance Evolution company with their "Fantasm - Odyssey of Dreams" Show and workshops with BDE Stars. It was fantastic to see so many dancers from all over the world coming for the first time in Bosnia and Herzegovina because of Belly Dance.So, yeah, I can say that we have very good Belly Dance scene here in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

You've been to the contest before, what makes you keep coming back to the festival.

This is one of the best Belly Dance festival not only in Europe but in the World and the fact that this is it's 25th edition explains everything. Every year you can meet dancers from all over the world, learn from master teachers, take a part in Bellydancer Of the World competition and so much more. This festival takes place in Duisburg, a big German town, during Advent, the most wonderful time of the year, which makes this festival very special. This festival is one of a kind, which makes me coming back for the 4th time.
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