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Interview with Queenie
by Marcel Bieger

Queenie is guest at
Leyla and Roland Jouvana's 25th Oriental
Festival of Europe
November 28th - December 3rd 2017
in Duisburg

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Photos ©: Lemmert, Philippe Rikir
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The Belgian artist Queenie is a prime example for a career beginning at Leyla Jouvana’s festival. As a young dancer she started at the contest „Belly Dancer Of the World“ und ended in the midfield, which is a good start! The year after she was brave enough to start anew, got a much better place and the following year she won the first place! You need stamina and talent for that! And today at the 25th anniversary Queenie herself sits in the jury oft he contest. Congratulations, Queenie!
How have the last few years been to you?

Over the last few years I have spent a lot of time on personal development. I completed a three year coaching training which was quite an investment time- and energywise, but it has made me grow in many ways. First of all as a coach, of course, so that I can offer solid guidance to students and coachees in order to reach their goals. Those goals might include taking on a healthier life style, gaining more confidence on and off stage, or taking part in a dance competition. It warms my heart to see coachees grow and evolve. 

Studying all these topics related to physical and mental health has also contributed to a more solid understanding of my own habits related to health and dance, as well as of my creation process and my performances. During these studying years I was not able to travel as before, which I solved by online teaching of belly dance classes. To this day it still blows my mind how I can dance with students in Belgium, Germany, the UK and Canada all at the same time, from my own studio in my home. I am very grateful that it is technically possible to lead a class at a distance, being able to communicate, give feedback and exchange laughs just like in a regular class setting. 

Now that my studies have ended, I am very happy to be able to travel more often again and meet new and familiar faces in Europe and beyond, to share knowledge and experiences. For me, the most important in art (and life in general) is the connection between people and the exchange of energy in all sorts of encounters, inside or outside class, on or off stage. What a gift it is that this can happen through dance!

You have been many times at the "Leyla festival", the Oriental Festival Europe, what is its special attraction that you keep coming back?

Leyla and Roland's festival holds so many great memories for me. The first time I visited it, about 10 years ago, I was such a young dancer still. Each time I went back, it has helped me to grow because of all the learning opportunities.

I enjoyed many workshops with a great diversity of dancers from all around the world - what a luxury to have so many amazing teachers at one festival! Also, taking part in the contest allowed me to work on my dancing each time. I am not competing anymore, but watching the contest is always a pleasure so I am really looking forward to it. Over the years I have also made a lot of friends so I am very excited to see them again!

Please enlighten us about your workshops?

I will be teaching two of my favorite topics! On Thursday 30th Nov, my class will be all about "Swooshes, Sways and Arabesques". This is my take on elegant yet dynamic moves that can be used in any choreography.

On Friday 1st Dec, I will be teaching "Go with the Flow: smooth transitions". I think dance happens between the moves: how we go from one move to the next, that is how we make the moves into a story and how we personalize the technique. I love teaching technique workshops, because it helps dancers to become familiar with their own dance style, to explore and to embrace both what is possible and what might be more difficult. Then I like to apply the technique in combinations so that it becomes easier to retain it. I'm always excited to share my ideas about dance so I am sure it will be a lovely time spent at the OFE studio, as always!

Workshops with Queenie

Thu., 30.11., 20:15 – 22:15 h
Queenie - Swooshes, Sways and Arabesques
Queenie's signature elegance doesn't get any better than this! Juicy swooshes, powerful sways and floaty arabesques to make you swoon! Not to be missed!

Fri. 1.12., 12:30 - 14:30 h
Queenie - Smooth Transitions
Just like letters becoming words, sentences and stories - we go from single moves to combinations to dancing. In this workshop, we primarily focus on the moves between the moves: connecting the dots!

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